Uber Ride-hailing App

The Uber smartphone app matches you with local drivers for all types of rides, at all times of the day, on demand. In urban areas during the day, wait times are often as short as a couple of minutes. No cash is exchanged; your credit card is charged after each ride.

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Uber Ride-hailing App

Who can use this option?

Anyone who is able to ride in a standard car or SUV can use this service. Uber serves all types of destinations, both medical and non-medical. Either you or a trusted loved one must have a smartphone (preferred) or Internet-connected tablet with the Uber app installed and a credit card on file. Both very short and long-distance journeys are available, depending on driver availability.

How much does it cost?

Fares are calculated by adding a base fare to rates for time and distance. So costs vary depending on how far you travel and how long your trip takes. Uber also uses "surge pricing, " which means that rides during busy times will most likely cost more than rides during slow times. You are always informed if surge pricing will be in effect for your fare. Trips to the airport or through toll booths also cost extra. The much more expensive "UberSUV" level of service is also available for very large groups. Uber also offers an UberTAXI level of service, which allows you to order a regular taxi through the smartphone app for a small additional fee and an optional tip. If you know your destination's address, you can use the app to view a fare estimate before you order your ride. Estimates are not guaranteed. The Uber app does not include a tip when billing you for a trip fare. If you'd like to tip in cash, the driver will be happy to accept it. The UberTAXI option, however, is an exception in that it allows you to tip your driver a percentage of your fare at the end of your ride.

When is this option available?

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, depending on driver availability.

How far ahead do you need to plan?

No advance planning required

What accommodations are available?

An escort/companion is permitted to travel with the passenger. Very few Uber vehicles are wheelchair accessible. However, the UberACCESS feature now allows you to view the locations of and request any accessible vehicles that happen to be available at the moment. To access this feature, use the app menu to apply the Promotion Code UBERACCESSBOS to your account. Returning to the app itself, select UberTAXI on the slider bar, then choose the UberACCESS option. Drivers are expected to accommodate riders who use walkers, canes, folding wheelchairs, and other assistive devices to the extent possible. You can ask the driver for help getting over a curb, getting into and out of the vehicle, and with storing packages or folding walkers in the trunk, but whether help is offered is up to the driver's discretion. Escorts/companions are permitted to travel with the passenger, up to a total of the number of passengers the vehicle is able to accommodate. Multiple stops and fare splitting with other Uber app users are both allowed. Ask your driver for guidance. It's entirely up to the driver whether or not to allow a passenger?s personal pet in the vehicle. It is recommended that you bring a crate or towel with you to protect the seat and that you call your driver right after your request is accepted to confirm that it's okay to bring your pet. It is Uber?s policy that service animals are always accepted.

Contact details

Web: http://www.uber.com Customer support: http://help.uber.com Download the app from iTunes or your device?s app store. If you ever feel your safety is threatened during a ride or while waiting, call 911!

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Uber Ride-hailing App

After your ride is complete, the app asks you to rate your driver on a scale from 1-5. Drivers must maintain a certain minimum passenger rating in order to continue driving for Uber. Drivers are also asked to rate each passenger after each ride! Also, retrieving personal belongings left in vehicles has often proven tricky or impossible. After your ride is complete, you will no longer be able to text or call your driver, and we were unable to find a customer service phone number; you will instead need to contact customer service via the app by tapping the menu, then Help, then the option to “Report an issue” with the trip in question. Drivers carry $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance. Details can be found on their website. Uber conducts background checks and driving history checks on all its drivers. The website contains details on background checks and other issues related to passenger safety.

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