Contacting customer service at Uber

logoWe received a message recently from a senior who had been using the Uber smartphone app to hail rides around town.

I have a $5 charge for a canceled trip. I would like to request that this $5 charge be removed from my account. I tried today to use Uber. I typed in the location where I was. I received a message that my ride was arriving. The Uber vehicle did not come to the location I had typed in. For this reason, I feel that I should not be charged a cancellation fee of $5.00. I tried to reach Uber via the web and via email but was totally unsuccessful. Can you tell me how to reach Uber for help?

While ride-hailing apps are often convenient and easy to use, when things go wrong, some seniors tell us that it can be difficult or even impossible to get help and resolve the issue. Here is some guidance on how to contact customer service using the Uber app on your smartphone.

(Note: these instructions use the Android app. If you have a different kind of phone, such as an iPhone or Windows phone, your screen may look slightly different.)

  1. Open the Uber app.
  2. Click the menu in the upper right corner.
  3. From the menu, select Help.
  4. From the list of trips you took or ordered, click the arrow next to the trip with which you are having a problem (to “Report an issue with this trip”).
  5. From the list of issues, select your issue.
  6. Follow the prompts to describe your problem as best you can.
  7. A representative from Uber will look into your issue and will get back to you with their decision.

If you get no joy using the app, you can also try Uber’s online contact form or even calling their listed telephone number at (800) 353-UBER. However, by all accounts so far, these methods tend to yield unsatisfying results.

Some passengers have found that using Twitter to voice a complaint can sometimes prompt a more helpful reply, since tweets are public; you can try tweeting to @Uber or @Uber_support.

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2 Replies to “Contacting customer service at Uber”

  1. I have been waiting 3 and a half hours no call no update. This is the first an last time I use Uber. I want a full refund asap. I have never had this bad customer service. If you don’t fix this asap I will make it my mission to degrade Uber.

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