Driving Skills Assessment Programs

A driving skills assessment generally includes meetings with a social worker, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and/or certified driving instructor. Following these meetings, the driver will receive a formal assessment along with any relevant recommendations for making driving safer.

Driving skills assessment programs are available to anyone who is concerned about their driving skills for any reason, including trauma, psychological changes, medical or neurological incidents, surgery, or simply the natural process of aging.

Costs vary from one program to another but total cost ranges from $350 – $500. Insurance rarely covers these services, so you will most likely need to pay privately (fee-for service) for this assessment.

Assessments usually take place during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). Some programs may have weekend hours; call for details.

You will need to call ahead to make an appointment. These programs are very popular, so allow plenty of time.

Clinicians will guide the driver through the entire process and make all necessary accommodations in order to conduct a complete assessment.

Driving skills assessment programs work regularly with (and report unsafe drivers to) the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center DriveWise Program

HealthSouth Braintree Rehab Hospital Driving Evaluation Program

HealthSouth New England Rehabilitation Hospital

Newton-Wellesley Hospital Drive Safe Program

Spaulding Hospital Driving Assessment Program

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