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Wheelchair Ambulette

Wheelchair Ambulette offers highly personalized, non-emergency transportation for people who use wheelchairs or stretchers.

Who can use this option?
  • Passengers who use wheelchairs or stretchers
  • Non-emergency trips of any nature, medical and non-medical
  • Long-distance trips are also accommodated if possible (Maine, the Cape, NYC, etc.)
  • This is a good option for coming home from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility
How much does it cost? Please call for a specific quote. As one example, transportation within Brookline is usually $150 round trip.
When is this option available? Standard hours are weekdays 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

However, Dick is very accommodating and his hours are flexible within reason, depending on the passenger's needs.

How far ahead do you need to plan? Passengers are advised to call as far ahead of time as possible in order to ensure a time slot.
What accommodations are available?
  • This service is one man driving one vehicle, which is wheelchair accessible.
  • Escorts/companions are permitted to travel with the passenger.
  • Call ahead to ask about pets and traveling companions.
Notes The owner/driver, Dick, owns one vehicle and will be flexible within reason. He has been operating for 30 years and offers a highly personal, supportive service.
Contact Details Telephone: 781-444-4655

Mobile: 617-733-6339

253 Webster Street
Needham, MA 02494