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Newton Senior Taxi Voucher Program (“Yellow Vouchers”)

Residents of the city of Newton aged 60+ are eligible to buy vouchers for rides in Veterans Taxi cabs that cost $4 or less each way. This service operates only on weekdays during business hours and goes only to named destinations in Newton, plus a short list of specific health care venues in Wellesley and Boston.

Who can use this option? Citizens of Newton aged 60+.

Trips can be for any reason, as long as the destinations is served by the program (see below).

How much does it cost? Vouchers (each good for a single one-way trip) can be purchased for a requested contribution of $4 each. a minimum contribution of $2 is required. Those who cannot contribute the $2 minimum may apply for an income-based exemption.

One voucher is required for each trip and for each rider. E.g., if 2 seniors make a round trip together, 4 vouchers will be required.

Vouchers can be purchased at the Newton Senior Center or by mail by sending in a check made out to the City of Newton (see "Contact Details," below). Please include your full name, address, and number of vouchers you are purchasing. Please allow sufficient time for processing and return postage.

Tipping is recommended but not required. A tip of one or two dollars is fine, although more is always appreciated--especially for longer trips.

When is this option available? To and from medical destinations, grocery shopping, long-term care facilities, houses of worship, village centers, and the Needham Street corridor:
Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.To and from the Senior Center:
Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.To and from any city sponsored program, event, or municipal building: Any day, any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
How far ahead do you need to plan? Reservations must be made 3 days in advance.

The only exception is for trips to and from the Senior Center, for which reservations can be made up to 4:00 p.m. the day before travel.

What accommodations are available? Veterans has one wheelchair accessible vehicle available for this program. Please call as far ahead as possible and ask the reservationist when you call to make your reservation.

Service is door to door, so the drivers will assist with getting into and out of the vehicle. They also will carry bags from the cab to the door.

Notes See the list of specific destinations served by this program below. ONLY these destinations are served. For other destinations (such as the airport or destinations in other nearby towns/cities), consider using Veterans Taxi Discount Coupons.
Contact Details Reservations & questions:
617-796-1288Newton Senior Center
345 Walnut St.
Newtonville, MA 02460

Destinations served

  • Grocery shopping to any of the Newton markets
  • Town buildings, including City Hall
  • Library (including Sundays, except in July and August)
  • Senior Center
  • All houses of worship within Newton (for scheduled religious services only)
  • Long term care facilities within Newton to visit a loved one (limited to 2 times per week)
  • Needham Street corridor
  • Any city-sponsored program within the city of Newton, any day, any time--including  "Over 55" Parks and Recreation programs
  • Village centers--including post offices, pharmacies, shops, banks, salons, etc.--as follows:
    • Auburndale:
      2040 Commonwealth Ave
      2122 Commonwealth Ave
      422 - 427 Lexington St
      271 - 349 Auburn St
    • Chestnut Hill:
      280 Boylston St
      1184 Boylston St
      525 Hammond St
      615 Hammond St (includes Post Office on corner of Middlesex Rd.)
    • Newton Centre:
      821 - 1148 Centre St
      10 - 82 Langley Rd
      714 - 847 Beacon St
      10 - 43 Union St
    • Newton Corner:
      257 - 447 Centre St
      275 - 399 Washington St
    • Newton Highlands:
      1149 - 1203 Walnut St
      1 - 63 Lincoln St
    • Newton Lower Falls:
      2000 - 2366 Washington St
    • Newton Upper Falls:
      1185 - 1225 Chestnut St
    • Newtonville:
      241 - 345 Walnut St
      743 - 897 Washington St
    • Nonantum:
      291 - 420 Watertown St
    • Oak Hill:
      663 - 675 Saw Mill Brook Parkway
    • Thompsonville:
      386 Langley Road - Route 9
    • Waban:
      1625 - 1651 Beacon St
      4 - 10 Windsor St
      69  - 87 Wyman St
    • West Newton:
      1239 - 1391 Washington St
  • Medical appointments (including mental health appointments) within Newton
  • Medical appointments outside of Newton at the following places:
    • Wellesley: anywhere on Walnut Street, 1-45 Washington Street, 173, 195, and 230 Worcester Street
    • Chestnut Hill: 830, 850, and 1244 Boylston Street
    • Faulkner Hospital
    • St. Elizabeth's Hospital
    • VA Hospital, West Roxbury
    • VA Hospital, South Huntington Ave.