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Lyft Ride Hailing App

The Lyft smartphone app matches you with local drivers for all types of rides, at all times of the day, on demand. In urban areas during the day, wait times are often as short as a couple of minutes. No cash is exchanged; your credit card is charged after each ride.

Who can use this option? Anyone who is able to ride in a standard car or SUV can use this service.

Lyft serves all types of destinations, both medical and non-medical.

Either you or a trusted loved one must have a smartphone (preferred) or Internet-connected tablet with the Lyft app installed and a credit card on file.

Both very short and long-distance journeys are available, depending on driver availability.

How much does it cost? Costs vary depending on how far you travel. Standard Lyft fees include:

  • Base Charge $2.00
  • Cost Per Mile $1.22
  • Cost Per Minute $0.18
  • "Trust And Service" Fee $1.55
  • Cost Minimum $5.00
  • Cost Maximum $250.00
  • Cancel Penalty $10.00

Some example estimated one-way fares (not including tip) for a standard Lyft ride are:

  • The Shops at Chestnut Hill to the Chestnut Hill T stop: $6
  • Putterham library to Coolidge Corner Theater: $11
  • Newton Free Library to the Shops at Chestnut Hill: $9
  • Brookline/Newton to Newburyport: $80
  • Brookline/Newton to New York City: $250

Lyft Plus is a 6-passenger vehicle for larger groups or a more spacious ride. Fees for this upgraded service differ from the standard Lyft service as follows:

  • Base Charge $3.50
  • Cost Per Mile $2.40
  • Cost Per Minute $0.38
  • Cost Minimum $6.00

If you know your destination's address, you can use the app to view a fare estimate before you order your ride.

After each ride, you are given the opportunity to tip your driver (tipping is encouraged but not required).

When is this option available? Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays, depending on driver availability
How far ahead do you need to plan? No advance planning required
What accommodations are available? Vehicles are generally not wheelchair accessible.

You can ask the driver for help getting over a curb, getting into and out of the vehicle, and with storing packages or folding walkers in the trunk, but whether help is offered is up to the driver's discretion.

Escorts/companions are permitted to travel with the passenger, up to a total of 4 passengers

Multiple stops are allowed with Lyft and Lyft Plus--they are not allowed with the (shared) Lyft Line option.

It's entirely up to the driver whether or not to allow a passenger’s pet in the vehicle.It is recommended that you call your driver right after your request is accepted to confirm that it's okay to bring your pet.

Service animals are always accepted.

Notes After your ride is complete, the app asks you to rate your driver on a scale from 1-5. Drivers must maintain a certain minimum passenger rating in order to continue driving for Lyft.

Drivers are also asked to rate each passenger after each ride!

Passengers have reported that contacting customer service is not always easy.

Also, retrieving personal belongings left in vehicles has often proven tricky or impossible. After your ride is complete, you will no longer be able to text or call your driver; you will instead need to contact Lyft's national customer service center.

Drivers carry $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance.

Lyft conducts background checks and driving history checks on all its drivers. The Lyft website contains details on background checks and other issues related to passenger safety.

Contact Details Website

Customer support web page

Customer support contact form

Download the app for iPhone/iPad

Download the app for Android

Critical Response Line: 855-865-9553 (to be used if you feel your safety is threatened--after you call 911!)