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Brookline Council on Aging Elderbus


Sponsored by the Brookline Council on Aging, the Elderbus is a local service for senior citizens that has been operating since the 1970s. Buses stop at numerous shopping, medical, and recreational locations, including the Senior Center.

Who can use this option? Brookline residents or visitors aged 65+

Route map


How much does it cost? A suggested donation of $0.50 is requested.
When is this option available? Five loops (originating and terminating at the Senior Center) are made on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The last loop of the day is drop-off only.

The schedule is available online (or see an archived version). All times are approximate due to traffic.

How far ahead do you need to plan? No advance planning required.
What accommodations are available?
  • The Elderbus is wheelchair accessible, and the driver is able to help secure your wheelchair within the vehicle.
  • Escorts/companions are permitted to travel with the passenger.
  • The driver may be able to help with small packages, the steps up into and out of the bus, or with folding walkers.
Notes If you know you will be taking the bus, it is strongly recommended that you call the Elderbus line ahead of time to let the driver know to look for you at a specific stop.

When waiting for the bus, be sure you are in a spot that is visible by the driver on his route--especially if the driver is not already aware that you will be waiting.

Contact Details Elderbus hotline: (617) 730-2778
Call this number for general information.

Brookline Council on Aging: (617) 730-2777
Call this number to check to make sure the bus is running.