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Brookline Elder Taxi Service (BETS) Program

The Brookline Elder Taxi System (BETS) offers a 50% discount on taxi cabs for Brookline Seniors with low to moderate incomes.

Who can use this option? Brookline seniors (aged 60+) with low to moderate annual incomes, currently $51,150 for a single person or $58,450 for a couple.

Trips can be for any reason and to any local destination.

How much does it cost? Eligible seniors can buy books of coupons for $5 each, each of which is worth $10 in cab rides (half price).

Each senior can buy up to 5 coupon books a month, with 1 month's supply of booklets refundable for up to 6 months after purchase.

Tipping is recommended but not required. A tip of one or two dollars is fine, although more is always appreciated--especially for longer trips or excellent service.

Any tolls must be paid by the passenger.

All taxi rides within the Town of Brookline are at a metered rate that is displayed on a Rate of Fare Card in the taxicab.

When is this option available? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year -- whenever taxi service is available.
How far ahead do you need to plan? Coupons can be used anytime taxi service is available, with no advance planning required.
What accommodations are available? Cabs are generally not ADA-compliant or wheelchair accessible.

If you ask for help, drivers will often assist you with bags or packages and with getting into and out of vehicles. They may even be happy to help you fold a lightweight walker and put it into the trunk.

As with any taxi cab service, it is up to the individual driver whether they will accept pets. It is always a good idea to put your pet in a carrier or at least bring a towel to protect the vehicle's seat. Service animals are always accepted.

Notes The coupons are the equivalent of cash, and no Brookline licensed cab driver can refuse to take a coupon.

Do not tell the driver you have coupons when you call to request your ride; simply pay the driver with coupons at the end of the ride.

You will not receive change from your coupons! For example, if your fare is $12 and want to pay entirely with coupons, you must give your driver two coupons (for which you will have paid $5 each, costing you $10 total). An alternative is to give the driver $2 in cash plus one coupon (for which you will have paid $5, costing you $7 total).

Contact Details Call 617-730-2740 to apply for BETS coupons.

After you have your coupons, call the individual taxi cab company to order a cab.

BETS Application (PDF)

Complaints regarding service (e.g., response times) should be reported to the DPW Transportation Division using the request / comment form, or by calling 617-730-2230.

If you have a safety or legal complaint (e.g., if a cab driver says he does not have a receipt or you suspect you have been unfairly charged), take down the cab number, the date and the time and report it to the Brookline Police Department Hackney Officer at 617-730-2230.

Passenger complaints can also be reported using the taxi cab comment card that must be available in each cab.