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TRIPPS Newsletter - Choices & Voices

What is “driving retirement”?

TRIPPS Wheel IconFor some, driving retirement is anticipated and prepared for, much like retirement from work. For others, it is an unexpected and highly distressing occasion.
A recent study found that we tend to outlive our ability to drive by 7 - 10 years. If driving is your only way of getting around, then you may find yourself isolated and dependent on friends and family if driving ever becomes difficult.

You might think of preparing for driving retirement as similar to putting together a handy toolbox of non-driving options. These tools can be used at any time, even in conjunction with your own driving. You might use non-driving options as backup plans, or as ways of getting to places where you’d rather not drive because of weather, darkness, difficulty parking, convenience, or cost.

Learn more at our two panel discussions on driving retirement, at 6pm on May 17th and June 16th at the Brookline Senior Center!

Three cheers for our volunteers!

Man with BusDo you already get around without driving? Or maybe you just have great research or teaching skills? You might be an ideal volunteer.

Our Transit Advisors are experts on one (or more!) modes of transportation and are trained to give seniors personal support as they navigate the transition from driver to passenger. Our research specialists dig into the details of various options and document them for the resource guide. And our outreach volunteers help spread the word about TRIPPS through media and live events.

If you might like to join our team, we would love to hear from you! Please call 617-730-2644 or email today.

TRIPPS program update

Kerri Ann Tester, LCSW, TRIPPS Program DirectorFrom Kerri Ann Tester, LCSW, TRIPPS Program Director

The TRIPPS program is off to a great start! We’ve recruited about a dozen volunteers and held our first orientation in February. In the meantime, calls are already coming in from people asking for information and advice about transportation. Clearly, we’re meeting a need in our community.

Our focus this spring is still on recruiting and training volunteers. However, we are also researching options and documenting our findings from a senior perspective.
I’d love to see you in person at one of our outreach events. Look for us on BIG TV on April 14th and at the Putterham library on April 8th. Our website ( is up and running. There, you can find a calendar of events and click any event for details. If you don’t have access to the Web, please call the TRIPPS line and leave a message. I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

I look forward to meeting you!
- Kerri Ann

About the TRIPPS program

TRIPPS offers support for Newton and Brookline residents aged 60+ looking for alternatives to driving due to either necessity or choice. We produce a comprehensive resource guide to local transportation options in Greater Boston. We also offer individual, personalized support to residents of Brookline and Newton aged 60+. Please get in touch if you or someone you know needs information or advice.

Interested in volunteering? Come join our team! We’re always looking for enthusiastic people to support our seniors, research transportation options, and educate the public about car-free choices.

93 Winchester Street
Brookline, MA 02446
TRIPPS line: (617) 730-2644
We’re on the Web!
Find us on Twitter: @TRIPPSMass

kat2TRIPPS Program Director Kerri Ann Tester, LCSW will join seniors at the Putterham branch of the Brookline Public Library on Friday, April 8th at 10:30 a.m. Come meet the program director, share your own stories about getting around without a car, and get answers to your questions about transportation options for seniors.


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