On Point Radio program on Age-Friendly Urban Design

pedestriansOn August 2, 2016, On Point radio’s Sascha Pfeiffer hosted an excellent 45-minute program entitled “Designing Communities For An Aging America.” 

Our nation’s 65-and-older population is growing rapidly, but most U.S. cities are totally unprepared for that demographic shift. We don’t simply need more public transportation and affordable housing. We could also use more benches at bus stops, longer crosswalk signals, and more homes with master bedrooms on the first floor. Americans may shudder at the thought of aging, but it happens to us all. This hour On Point, getting our cities ready for a graying population, and what makes communities aging-friendly.

Guests on the program include Paul Irving, chairman of the Center for the Future of Aging at the Milken Institute; Ruth Finkelstein, professor of health policy and management at the Columbia University Aging Center; and Kathryn Lawler, director of the Aging and Health Resources Division and director of the Area Agency on Aging in Atlanta, GA.

Give the show a listen and hear about what aging is like in other places, where options for walking and other non-driving forms of transportation are not as readily available as they are in our area. It is clear that senior transportation is essential!

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