Come check out the new Orange line vehicles!

The MBTA is inviting the public to come have a look at the new Orange Line mockup car. The vehicle will be available to be viewed by the public on Tuesday, April 4th and Wednesday, April 5 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.

According to statement from the MBTA:

With a commitment to current and future public transportation investments as well as improving MBTA service, the MBTA has a $566-million contract with CRRC MA in Springfield, Massachusetts, for the design, construction, and delivery of new Red and Orange Line vehicles. The contract includes 152 Orange Line cars and 252 Red Line cars with new technology and accessibility improvements.

The vehicles will be manufactured at a brand new Springfield facility, currently under construction and due to open in the fall of 2017. The first test cars are slated to be delivered in December 2017, with continuous releases through 2022.

More information is available from the MBTA about the features of and plan for the new Orange line vehicles.

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