Month: April 2016

Share your thoughts on self-driving cars with the MIT AgeLab

The bright folks at the MIT AgeLab invite you to participate in a new survey on your preferences and opinions regarding automated driving technology. The survey will take less than ten minutes and is an important part of a larger study focused on understanding the impact of emerging safety technologies on driver performance, attention, distraction, and safety. AgeLab would appreciate your assistance in helping their researchers explore these topics. Share this post on social media:

Choices & Voices, Spring 2016

What is “driving retirement”? For some, driving retirement is anticipated and prepared for, much like retirement from work. For others, it is an unexpected and highly distressing occasion. A recent study found that we tend to outlive our ability to drive by 7 – 10 years. If driving is your only way of getting around, then you may find yourself isolated and dependent on friends and family if driving ever becomes difficult. You might think