A company called Busy Bee once provided low-cost or free medical transportation during business hours to seniors throughout Greater Boston. Unfortunately, last month, they announced that they were going out of business effective immediately. This announcement left many seniors struggling to get to their medical appointments.

Springwell is the Area Agency on Aging that covers Belmont, Brookline, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Wellesley, and Weston. They recently put together a plan to help support seniors who formerly would have relied on Busy Bee for medical transportation during the week. ...continue reading "Temporary program in place to support former Busy Bee customers in Greater Boston"


Join us on May 23rd for a talk by Dr. Lisa D’Ambrosio titled Keeping People Mobile Today and Tomorrow: Research at the MIT AgeLab. Dr. D'Ambrosio will describe the purpose and perspective of the MIT AgeLab and present the results of several recent projects. She will describe research on some of the changes drivers make as they age, as well as what older drivers think about new vehicle technologies and self-driving cars. Dr. D’Ambrosio will also introduce AGNES (the Age Gain Now Empathy Systems suit) and describe how this tool is used in the AgeLab’s work.

This exciting event will take place at the Brookline Senior Center May 23rd from 6-8pm. Register on Eventbrite: https://tinyurl.com/mfqzujt or by calling the TRIPPS line at (617) 730-2644. If you need help with transportation to or from this event, please call the TRIPPS line.

Lisa D’Ambrosio, Ph.D., is a Research Associate at the MIT AgeLab with 20 years of experience as an instructor and researcher. Her work focuses on questions around decisions that impact later life, such as those related to financial planning, transportation, mobility, and technology.

We have expanded, revised, and added information to the TRIPPS Resource Guide! Now you can find information about new ride-hailing apps like Safr and entries on connecting to the airport and trains, grocery store delivery services, and apps for tracking fixed route transit systems like the MBTA buses and trains. This robust print publication can be found in PDF form here.

Dozens of MBTA apps are available out there for commuters and passengers. But now, only one — the aptly named Transit App — has the Massachusetts public transportation agency's official endorsement.

The Transit app utilizes the T's open real-time data, featuring upcoming departure times for all nearby transit, as well as a trip planner that shows you the best route to take. The app also has an offline mode that allows riders to access schedules even while underground, without data or service. And so you don't miss your stop, it also enables riders to set up notifications for stops on their route. The app further includes ride-hailing and bike-share options.

Even better, you can take the Transit appon the road with you when you're out of town. The app supports travel in over 125 cities, including Boston, NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, LA, SF, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and many more across North America and Europe.


  • Know when your next subway or bus is arriving with real-time predictions
  • Plan A-to- B trips with ease.
  • See exactly where your bus or train is on the map in real-time.
  • Get push notifications if service disruptions will affect your commute
  • Launch GO for step-by- step navigation when you’re on an unfamiliar route.
  • Receive departure alarms and stop notifications as well as prompts to pick up the pace in GO.
  • View schedules and route itineraries. Even offline.
  • Locate bike share stations, see the number of bikes available, pay for passes, and unlock bikes (in select cities).
  • Check ETAs for the closest Uber and request a ride.
  • Find nearby car share vehicles and book one.
  • Support for all transportation modes: bus / metro / subway / light rail / streetcar / train / Uber / bikeshare / car2go / ferry

Why not visit your device's app store today and give it a try?

If you need help or have questions, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, and one of our trained volunteers will get back to you!

The MBTA is inviting the public to come have a look at the new Orange Line mockup car. The vehicle will be available to be viewed by the public on Tuesday, April 4th and Wednesday, April 5 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.

According to statement from the MBTA:

With a commitment to current and future public transportation investments as well as improving MBTA service, the MBTA has a $566-million contract with CRRC MA in Springfield, Massachusetts, for the design, construction, and delivery of new Red and Orange Line vehicles. The contract includes 152 Orange Line cars and 252 Red Line cars with new technology and accessibility improvements.

The vehicles will be manufactured at a brand new Springfield facility, currently under construction and due to open in the fall of 2017. The first test cars are slated to be delivered in December 2017, with continuous releases through 2022.

More information is available from the MBTA about the features of and plan for the new Orange line vehicles.

We may be seeing some movement on the planned launch of the innovative Safr ride-hailing app, which is very similar to other ride-hailing apps like Uber or Lyft but will offer only female passengers rides in cars driven only by women. According to the Boston Globe, Safr is now "organizing private tests in Boston and plans to launch publicly this spring, despite questions about whether its business model is legal."

In the experience of TRIPPS staff and volunteers, safety is the number one concern by far expressed by older women when the question of ride-hailing is raised. Many potential passengers are concerned about what they understand to be "inadequate" background checks as well as news stories about individual Uber or Lyft drivers who are involved in violent crimes. Others report concerns over security with their personal information collected by the app. Some older women report having used services like Uber and Lyft for transportation but only along with friends or only during the day, due to safety concerns.

Safr is attempting to address at least some of these concerns. Originally called "Chariot for Women," the company eventually changed its name to Safeher. In April 2016, the service was forced to delay its planned Spring launch due to legal concerns. Just before the planned launch, the company was facing challenges on the basis of possible discrimination against male passengers and drivers.

We will update our resource guide as soon as we become aware that the situation has changed. Please let us know if you have any news!

For many years, the Rotary Club has hosted a Dancing with the Brookline Stars event, which pairs local Brookline residents with professional dancers to perform ballroom dance routines to help raise money for both their designated charities and the rotary club. In November 2016, they hosted their fourth such annual event.

This year, Betsy Pollock--longtime president of the Brookline Senior Center--danced to raise money for innovative senior transportation support in the town.

The Brookline Interactive Groups (BIG) generously created video vignettes about each contestant and filmed the entire event. Visit the BIG website to learn more about Betsy and the other seven contestants and the charities the danced for!